Thursday, 26 August 2010

Uncovering the Enfield Underground

while i'm glad that my latest article to be published in the Enfield Advertiser sheds light on a number of acts that i might not get a chance to feature individualy, i am slightly disapointed with the way it came across in print.

i don't think the picture used really did the story any justice in capturing an exciting underground movement and the bi-line made it sound as if the scene was focused on Bar Form, unfortunately the picture choice and bi-lines (and even the headlines) are not down to me, although i do try and make suitable suggestions, this time putting forward a handfull of great images of Deeds of the Dying...

i did suggest tho that since there were a lot of bands featured, it would be difficult to cram so many myspace addresses on the end of the article, so i perhaps they could point interested persons in the direction of my blog so that i could run my full length article and provide links to each of the bands mentioned.


Deeds of the Dying by Laura Harvey

Uncovering the Enfield Undergound

Have you heard about the Enfield Underground?

This isn't a plan for a tube station in our fair town but probably the most loved scene among our boroughs musical tribes.

Ok, so i may have just grouped together a bunch of like minded bands in a rather journalistic fashion to create a nice catch-all term, but the ends justifies the means if it makes it possible to shift this columns focus to some of the heavier bands around.

And I can't even claim to have coined the term Enfield Underground, when Mark Riley organised a gig at Bar Form in April under the banner The Enfield Underground... Overground, featuring Syn-X, Sokit and Unexpected, the appeal of these bands was apparent and the name seemed to be rather appropriate.

It is all large riffage, pounding drums, Famous Stars and Straps t-shirts and maniacally screaming vocals for the most part... not always to everyones taste and quite unfairly overlooked by your local rag... until now.

Heading up my list of personal favourites from the scene are Deeds Of The Dying and Sokit, both full of youthful ambition and genuine talent that only seems to grow with every gig they get under their belts.

9blind have been making waves right across the scene with their latest long-player 'A Negative Response To Change', that was released earlier this year, and blisteringly well received recent live shows.

And Syn X are yet another local band that have inspired savage devotion with their ridiculously hard n fast playing.

Edging away from the borders of screamo, a new EP has recently been released by From Great Height that takes the ever popular metal template and heightens it with searing elements of 70's prog-rock, while for a more FM friendly style you should look in the direction of Enemy Planet, a female fronted band that rock out in a style similar to Paramore, with catchy hooks.

Other names to keep an eye out also include Unexpected, Saifa, Trucida, Folly and Atlas Breaks The Sky.

Many of the bands mentioned share their fan-base, share the same bills and in some cases also share the same band members, cultivating a fanatic sense of community among everyone that frequents their gigs, either onstage or off.

For now I can only provide the briefest overview of a number of the bands but with future columns I will look a little closer at a handfull of these acts that have been rocking the suburbs.

credit where it's due:
Deeds of the Dying photo by Laura Harvey

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