Saturday, 7 August 2010

starting to sync


my mind wanders. quite alot. it wanders further than you should reasonably allow a curious child to wander from yourself when it is in your care. i should hold my mind's hand. but i guess that really makes no sense. actually it wasn't even the point of this post to make nonsense. but i like thinking. and writing. and i spend a lot of time thinking about writing. more time than i ever manage to spend writing. and i also spend time reading. and with a wandering mind it is easy to get distracted. and sometimes there is nothing i like more than getting distracted. and this is a style of writing i haven't tried before. well not very often any way. this is all non-related to what i want to blog about (getting distracted again).

the point of this post was to draw a little link between somethings that have been playfully skipping across my mind recently.

because the internet is so wide and expansive and it becomes so easy to get caught in the same trappings over and over i do try to follow links and threads to new places. and i can't even remember how i found the concept of syncromystycism but what is important is that i did (actually it's not even that important, but it has been eye opening).

what i had found seemed to be like lunatic ramblings (always a good start) and there seemed to be an awful lot of pictures (another bonus when you are whimsically flicking through websites) and it was the connections drawn between each of this images and situations that kept my attention as i curiously scrolled down and down and down.

so i scrolled through another post. decided to follow the blog i had found and thought little else of it.

the blog isn't added to too frequently, this is another plus, otherwise i may quickly tire of it.

but then last week this video was added.

and it caught my curiosity again and again i clicked through to a couple more blogs and continued reading.

now. syncromystiscm is new to me, and it relates to patterns that emerge again and again and the connections that can be made, and some people like to read a lot into these things and some people's heads are full of conspiracy theories and some people are well versed on matters of symbology... i am not, but i find it amazing how once i was made aware there were so many syncs that i could also see once i had been made aware of their existence

so after watching the video above and it's contemplation of foxes and wolves i found myself over at shots to shamen, intrigued by a link about the wizard of oz and how they were connecting it to Inception and then reading on to more Inception related talk and other such stuff that took a look at the actress Ellen Page.

blah blah blah. cue images of her in promotional posters for Hard candy in a red hood and then tenuous links to her co-star in Juno, Jason Bateman, linked to Batman.....

Batman you say??? great, my mind ran wild as i pieced together for myself that Christian Bale not only played Patrick Bateman in American Psycho but also Batman in the new Christopher Nolan films, which also neatly links back to Nolan's Inception.

psycho batman inception

Nice and neat. all done.


obviously something must have been triggered in my brain, as later in the evening as i ran for (and subsequently missed) a bus i was faced with a poster for a community play of Robin Hood (harking back to the images in the video).

strange i thought. and was done with it.

but my mind got another jolt later in the evening, at my girlfriend's house watching frequently asked questions about time travel, when one of the characters pulls a red hoodie up over his head.....

bit weird now.

but anyways, that was that, until the next morning when i found myself thinking about it a little bit more.

about batman. and foxes. and red hoods. and robin hood. and how how in the current story i am reading, Batman's former sidekick, Jason Todd (a former Robin) is travelling the multiverse alongside Donna Troy, Jason Todd of course made a (rather unnessary) reurn to the DCU as the Red Hood!?? bloody hell.

jason todd

hang on, there's more.

i suddenly realised that having got home on sunday and milling about readying myself to go out again, Teen Wolf had began on the telly, the wolf linking not only to the video clip i had watched but also to the Red Red Hood theme! Bloody Hell!!??

aside from all that there is also a whole host of other little connections and wonderful coincidences, such as Cillian Murphy opposing Bale's Batman as the Scarecrow/ Jonathan crane (the JC/Jesus Christ symbolism seems to run deep and again comes back around to the Inception/Oz sync). Ellen Page also starred in Whip It, directed by Drew Barrymore, who crept up in Batman Forever as Sugar on the arm of Two-Face/Harvey Dent, a clear resonance of duality, and in the film we had Two-Face teaming up with the Riddler played by Jim Carrey (JC again) to take on Val Kimer's Batman. Val Kilmer had of course previously played Jim Morrison in The Doors and a huge Jim Morrison Poster is clearly visible on the wall of a deserted club frequented by vampires (syncing with the bats) in Lost Boys which i had only just watched earlier that week. Lost Boys and Batman Forever were both directed by Joel Schumacher, who again worked with Jesus Carrey for the Number 23 (another film i have been watching recently and is of course ridiculously filled with an overwhelming abundance of synchronincitys surrounding the 23 enigma). 

inception whip it batman doors lost boys 23

all leading to the obvious conclusion that it is a syncers life for me.

so with this little whirring of excitement sparking all kinds of synapses in my brain i was feeling a little giddy as i cycled on monday morning.

and almost screamed with joy when it dawned on my that Fantastic Mr Fox was voiced by none other than George Clooney??!!! yep, and George Clooney also filled out the Batsuit in Joel Schumacher's Batman and Robin!!!??

batman fox

geeez, this was all far too much for me and i was grinning from ear to ear!

and everything tied together rather nicely as a little further along the journey as i exited the park and turned onto a small residential road i took a look left and felt it had all come full circle as i was looking straight into the eyes of a fox that stopped and looked straight back at me as it paused in an alley between residential homes. it felt like we had connected. and that everything is connected.

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