Monday, 2 August 2010

compare and contrast

vcr xface

since my original 'sung' version of vcr has ceased to exist because i have failed to keep my fileden account active, and after mentioning it while posting up the video for my new 'spoken word' version i thought i may as well revive it and put both versions on here to listen to and download in all their glory.

so if you liked what you heard on the video, help yourself to an mp3 of it right here

vcr (spoken word xx cover) by Hunchbakk

but if you're brave enough to give my singing a listen, perhaps you may like to take advantage of my ever abundant generosity and grab this one

vcr (the xx cover) by Hunchbakk

heck, take both if you realy want to, don't be shy

oh, and did i mention that i'd made a video for it??

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