Friday, 13 February 2009


it frustrates me to click back at websites i like to follow only to find that they haven't been updated, in this fast paced world we always want more information and after you've checked your emails and your myspace/facebook/twitter/bebo, the internet can be such an exhaustingly overwhelming chasm that the only thing you can manage to do is check the same five websites that you only checked half an hour ago.

so here's my update, a brief one at that, i checked out Buraka Som Sistema live last night (which may make its way to becoming a full post), Ian Byford Art has unveiled the second installment of the Sound/Art project (which i will definetly be dedicating a full post to in the near future), i have started work on SoundArt3 and am also piecing together the parts for another two tracks which i intend to be a kind of single release.

'til anymore substantial posts come along, feel free to download SoundArt2 or perhaps head over to my myspace where both SoundArt1 and 2 are in the player for you to sample.

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