Sunday, 15 February 2009

One drop, two drop, three drop, four

Expectation can be a heavy burden to bear, so I tried to approach Buraka Som Sistema with none. I’d seen the articles in magazines and I’d even downloaded one track of theirs, but that was enough for me, to go in with an open mind and a lack of information and still pay full price for a ticket may be too much to ask of some people but I was willing to give it a go.

A collective that for live duties consists of a DJ, 2 drummers (one for the live drum kit, another for the drum machine and other percussion) and 3 MCs doubling up as dancers has to be a perfect recipe for a good time, doesn’t it? Buraka Som Sistema are the next step in the rebirthed and fashionable fascination with World Music that follows in the footsteps of acts like M.I.A and Bonde Do Role, transplanting the sounds that have been reverberating global ghettoes into an energetic live shows.

You may doubt that February is the perfect time for a water fight but when a large super-soaker style gun is produced on stage and turned on the crowd, it splashes afew heads but does absolutely nothing to dampen the party mood, and even tho it’s snowing outside, inside Kings Cross’ Scala, things are really heating up, every track keeps the crowd moving as if carnival season has arrived early to defrost the harsh winter weather for everyone.

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