Monday, 16 February 2009

Sound Art Experiment Number 2

The approach I take to the SoundArt is different to how I usually choose to work, I wait for a jpeg to arrive in my inbox and upon opening it I try to draw inspiration from the art and only the art, not knowing anything about the artwork until I’ve downloaded it to my computer helps, it is an instant in which I don’t know what to expect from my expectations and then must think quickly to harness my own reactions.

The time that follows is the real decider, the image that I have looked it intently survives on memories and reminding glances, this is where the real creative process takes hold and a track can grow from itself with only a memory of its initial influence.

This is where I have struggled too, because I have been unsure how faithful I need to be to the artwork that is spawning the music, but an essence of art is all about the perception, in creating a piece of art, especially in such modern/post-modern times, there is no need to follow a given set of rules to meet somebody else’s standard of what is acceptable and what is not and what is truly ‘Art’, with this openness in mind I could provide my own interpretation and extract what I needed from the original inspiration.

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