Tuesday, 10 February 2009

has Disney lost it's magic?

Disney must surely hold a special place in most people's hearts, and even if they have grown older and more cynical they must still take a little joy in the film's that made them smile as a kid.

the thing about Disney is that it shouldn't just make kids smile, it should hold a warmth and charm that can captivate any audience, but Disney's monopoly on these fuzzy feelings is slipping. Other studios have been muscling in, notably Dreamworks, whose Antz trampled all over the rather limp Bug's Life way back in 1998. Since then Dreamworks have hardly looked back, birthing the Shrek and Madagascar franchises and more recently, Kung Fu Panda. 20th Century Fox has also managed cross-over appeal with Ice Age and it's sequels.

This is only my personal opinion but it feels as if Disney have perhaps rested on their laurels, the past ten years have seen a number of films that will have the lasting impact that many of the classics had, but it has also produced many that don't hold such a position in the collective consciousness, something that i don't feel has been helped by churning out too many half-arsed 'straight to video/DVD' sequels (something they vowed to scrap in 2007) and spin-off animated TV series that lack (and even devalue) the true spirit of Disney.

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