Sunday, 3 January 2010

either way

happy new year and all that. back to business i guess then.

and should i be blogging reflectively on the things that have passed?

i don't know.

so i thought i might use a few posts to blog about some of the things that should have passed.

i've got a couple of articles that are awaiting publication in The Enfield Advertiser highlighting a couple of exciting bands, they should be soon coming, as for some strange reason my review of The Shindig Addicts got bumped from last weeks edition, so here's hoping it surfaces this wednesday.

i'll soon be posting the unfinished work in progress SoundArt7 that has been a bother to me for far too long than originally intended, its nearly complete but still needs work so i thought i'd throw it out onto the interwebnets in its current state as a stop-gap filler

other tracks that never quite got there were my ambition to record a new christmas single for '09 and another track i started work on pre christmas and thought i may give away as a present, that one will happen, just give it time

something else that remained firmly in the pipeline was my idea of a Buy One Get One Free single to ease people's wallets in this difficult financial climate

I wrote some poetry for one track, working hard to make it longer than my usual poetry and thus more suited to layer over a decent backing, although the backing track completely eluded me whenever i attempted it and the second instrumental track of the package didn't make it an awful lot further

so i thought with the VAT back up this year and a single cash bus fare gone up to £2 (?!) and the idea remaining just that i thought i might as well post up the poetry, which i think stands up in its own right as a piece of work

I decided that I was not a poor man

Minimum wage has made me richer

Knowing that my life doesn't begin at 9 and end at 5

with one hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks

And I haven't stopped working
for the material world i build around me
knowing that everything bought
has been paid for by the hour

Pound shops and Primark
Purge your wages
Pile up your basket with bargains
With Buy One Get One Free
Because you fear the end is nigh

Repossesion and

The four horsemen of the apocolypse

all riding into town
on a wave of fare increases
as prices march relentless
cost of living creeping higher
petrol prices fueling the fire
and damn inflation
fanning the flames

Are you sweating yet?

How can we face
a financial meltdown
How can we not listen to the media
when the front page
and the second page
and every page
and the 6 o'clock news
and the news at ten
and every bulletin
on every channel
tells you
that you're losing your jobs
and you're missing your repayments
and you're losing your home

And you're losing your minds

And i don't wanna hear your
fake tales of VAT reduction

you want to increase spending
you want to increase affordable housing
you want to play politic or treat
you want to count your cash
as the credit crunch becomes
the ultimate marketing tool

because I can't be advertised to
without being reminded that my money
isn't worth anything

because sales are down
and unemployment is up
and job losses were reported
as more shops and more factories
are forced to close
and we flock to feed on the festering
carcasses of failing businesses

And we smile
proud of our 90% reduction

and I am happy
knowing there is not a price on my soul
knowing that I am not a poor man

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