Thursday, 21 January 2010

get on with it

in theory i've probably taken nearly a whole month to do about a weeks worth of blogging.

yep, i'm still taking a look at where i am, what i'm doing and what i intend to do.

2008, put bluntly, was a pretty great year for Hunchbakk.

I'd got my first ever airplay (not only in England but also in New Zealand).

I had music featured by afew blogs.

And i think alot of it mainly came down to my remixes of The Enemy and Radiohead.

Other than those two i also knocked up remixes for Akira The Don (twice), Marvin The Martian, The Freewheelin' Troubadour and Komakino

but enough harking back to the good ol' days of '08.

if 2008 was my Year of the Bat, 2009 was my annus jason toddilis in that i wasn't entirely disheartened by the whole thing, in fact some bits were better than i imagined they ever could have been, but it did not live up to what had preceded it and by the end of it it just felt that more effort should have been made to keep standards high

(and if anyone made sense of my own personal allusions to a comic book storyline that i read last year, then well done you, you great big geek)

i didn't even release any remixes last year, i started a fair few that are sitting on my hard drive

unfinished re-workings of Adele, The Noisettes, The Rakes and Master Shortie are all in some state of limbo or another when it is these tracks that i should be dedicating my time to, since these are the likeliest jump-on points for people to hear the name Hunchbakk

It's hardly been an un-productive year, the SoundArt tracks have been ticking over, even if there are dreadfully behind schedule and another couple of oddities have surfaced in the form of Base Element and (saturday)

so i obviously know what i've got to do, but saying it is easier than doing it. i intend to give this blog a little make-over, spruce up the neglected myspace page and continue posting poetry and photography, along with the few irrelevant asides that interest me, and of course (hopefully) more music.

talking of progress and getting stuck in, SoundArt8 is in it's planning stages and i've got afew ideas floating around for what to do with it...

expect that... march?

and next up? i might dig out a bit more poetry

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