Saturday, 16 January 2010

Published at last!!

so my latest review for The Enfield Advertiser finally saw the light of day! written up and submitted before christmas and kept on hold til now

oh well, these things happen

and for those allergic to newsprint (or just not local enough to recieve the paper) here is a link to the digital copy (flick to page 22) and the full article runs below

The Shindig Addicts @ Bar Form's Christmas Carnival 18.09.09
or as the paper titled it
County Girl back in town for a Shindig


Joan was once a school girl, adorned in a familiar green blazer.

then known to family, friends and teachers as Natalia Anderson, she grew up in Tottenham and attended Enfield County Girl's School.

but she now fronts the upbeat indie scenesters, The Shindig Addicts.

the line up is completed by Bruno and Dimitri, currently holed up in East London, practising, perfecting their sound and preparing to head into the studio to record their debut EP in January.

already making waves across London, the unsigned band were back on Joan's old stomping ground performing at Bar Form in Enfield Town as part of a free Christmas Carnival bringing together a number of local bands at a price that is much appreciated after all that recent wallet busting gift shopping

on a bill that also included singer-songwriter, Ben Darius Ralph, beat-boxer Dee Sharp and bands G.I. Joseph, Broken Mile and The Black Tricks, Form's promoter, Jade’s House, packed alot of talent into the small bar in just one night.

Kicking off with Select My 6, the pace and energy of the band throughout the short set was rampant, with all eyes on Joan as she bounced around with an energy that commands your attention instantly.

The strong female fronted group is reminiscent of Skunk Anansie blended with the early punkier incarnation of No Doubt, an influence referenced by their choice of festive singalong, a cover of a cover of The Vandals '96 Christmas rarity Oi To The World!.

with a playfull demeanor and an anarchic yet melodic sound, Shindig Addicts certainly capture the spirit of partying that their name alludes to, with Joan seemingly unable to stand still and constantly dancing, and when the audience acts coy and won’t come to her, she insists on going to them.

The short set is highly charged and jovial and the fun comes to an end all too soon as they bow out with the lively Not Long Now, a rollicking catchy indie number and a suitable set closer.

And despite the fact that those that remember Natalia will now find Joan in her place, i’m certain Enfield won’t soon forgot The Shindig Addicts.

credit where it's due:
Photo by Vandana Patel )

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