Saturday, 9 January 2010

Sound Art Experiment Number 7 (a work in progress)

ok, so i debuted this last night and my brother (and SoundArt collaborator) was quick to pick up on it and post it on his own blog.

so i thought perhaps i should shed a little more light on this track and explain the thought process behind it aswell as showing the artwork that inspired it

the initial look at the image brought with it ideas of medieval bloody battles, but i wanted to try something to bring it up to date

and with this thought buzzing through my head it struck me while listing to Notorious B.I.G's Ready to Die that the track Everyday Struggle threw up the right mentality that i intended to achieve with the track, when every day feels like a battle

so i set about disecting the track before moulding it back together again as best i could, but i didn't want to just regurgitate the beat, i wanted to add to it so i set about smashing a ferocious drum beat out on an old metal heater with a hammer to tie it in with the idea of fighting and the damage the shield would be subject to, and then threw in some chopped up gregorian monks just for good measure to realy hark back to the medieval imagery

and at the moment the track is mainly instrumental, apart from the choruses, and i idealy want a rapper or two to do a little something over the track based around the idea of their everyday struggles

i'm not sure if the harsh pounding metallic drum beat will remain in the finished version or if it will be too much of a distraction from any vocals...

so it needs a little working on and i need to recruit someone or sometwo (or possibly somethree?) to rhyme over the beat but for now i wanted to share the work in progress as a kind of first draft, just to show my ideas as they originally were as when it is finally completed some things may have changed

SoundArt7 (incomplete)
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