Wednesday, 27 January 2010

talk with your hips

blogs!! it is all going on!

Akira The Don is dropping cartoon strips every day of the week, Faded Glamour is counting down the top british albums of the decade. ok, ianbyfordart has been a little sparse recently but even he noticed that Marvin The Martian dropped a new download before i did??!

and if you check back here in the next couple of days i'll be posting the full and unedited Milfield review that appeared in today's Enfield Advertiser.

so while i'm busy digging out a ton of old pop CDs for a DJ set coming up (i own too many CDs, i'm so thankfull of mp3s, for a start they take up a lot less room!!) why don't you track down these recent offerings that were posted respectively on devil in the distance and ian byford art

Marvin The Martian - Loose Change

Hunchbakk - SoundArt7 (incomplete)

credit where it's due:
photo by Ian Byford

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