Friday, 8 January 2010

light of day

so these early posts of this new year are about getting things settled, putting last year behind me before looking further forward.

i now know that my Shindig Addicts review will see the light of day in The Enfield Advertiser, my festive little write up of the festive little gig will be published upon the very festive date of wednesday the 13th of january 2010...

don't expect warm fuzzy feelings when reading it, the christmas experience will have long faded from memory by then

this also means my look at She Is Danger which would have been well suited for the first or second week of january when every other publication is touting new names for 2010 will be with us in two weeks time...

oh well, better late than never i guess

which does lead on very nicely to the main reason of this post...
the long delayed and still completely incomplete SoundArt7

SoundArt7? yes, 7! which in theory should have been available as of last july but the whole project is a little bit backed up, but i'll see it through - in fact i'm waiting on the next artwork before i can get started with the next piece

so SoundArt7 had been bothering me a very long while, it took ages to get it where i thought it was right and even then i was unsure, i've taken some advice on it and want to change it a little, try and get it as close to perfection as an amatuer possibly could and possibly get a collaborater to add vocals to it

and while the timescale of any of that actually happening is likely to be blooming ages i thought i'd post up the work in progress, just as a way of getting it out there and allowing myself to move onto the next piece instead of continually dwelling on this one

incomplete, ok?
work in progress

this is it...
SoundArt7 (incomplete)
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