Thursday, 17 September 2009

make it funky for me

it's been a while since i hit you off with something new, and i mean something realy new, something completely new unconnected from the SoundArt project, yep, the last time you got new new music was back in may

yep, you are getting something so new that at the time of writing only one person other than myself has actualy heard the track...

and now for something completely different

saturday cover copy

I've been trying hard in my music production to push myself and stretch myself to keep trying new things, i've been experimenting to find something new for myself and in particular have been trying to distance myself from composing tracks from pre-made loops

but this brand new track is exactly that, produced as an experiment to see what it was possible to produce from a single sample pack and to use as an example of how music can be built in this way

a sample pack labelled 'funky house' filled me with dread, the finished article doesn't seem completely like the funky house i've heard (where are all the bongos?) but it's an interesting little aside that i started on saturday night and had finished by monday night

help yourself to Hunchbakk's dirty little teaching tool

i present...


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