Tuesday, 1 September 2009

hold ups

if all was well with the world and everything went to plan i would be posting up the latest installment of the Sound/Art project, i should in fact be posting up SoundArt9 but things are kinda held up and the best intentions of completing a brand new track every month have been scuppered though a number of factors, mainly an irrational computer that cannot be reasoned with

as it stands i am still working on SoundArt7 which would have been closer to complete if my mic input hadn't been failing

i have taken steps to try and get round this problem and have also been doing a little groundwork for the track, collecting a little bit of audio so that i can crack on as soon as physically possible to do so

and it should prove to be another interesting track as i am trying to flex my musical muscles by stretching myself and working with new ideas and techniques...

keep checkin' bakk for the end result as soon as it is finished

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