Friday, 11 September 2009

The merits of blogging (food for thought)

i'm the type of person that enjoys getting to the cinema in time to see the trailers, and seeing a recent trailer for 'Julie & Julia' sparked my interest when one character announces to another that their blog has been bought for a miniseries...

and it surmises that the film is based upon the story of a blog-turned-book, all about a bored secretary that attempts to cook her through Julia Child's recipe book and documents it online

all of which got me wondering about my own blog, tho i doubt that the HunchBlog is realy something that could translate to the big screen, or the small screen, or anything other than a computer screen... would you skyplus a weekly thirty minute episode of a guy that wanders the streets looking for homeless sofas, writes poetry, struggles to produce some minimal electronic music stuffs and quite fancies Roxanne Pallett?

no, i didn't think so

and it made me ponder the reason behind my blog, i certainly didn't start it to seek fame or attention, the main point was so that i could open up what i had already started on my myspace blog, if i'd got something to say then i didn't think it should be tucked afew clicks away on my Hunchbakk myspace profile where people may never bother to look

myspace is great for music, but having the five latest blog posts appearing on your page means that you have to make every single blog count, or fear that people may never read the older entries if you maintain to keep it updated

i was already familiar with a couple of other blogspots and their layouts, so i thought why not put it all out on here, keep it fresh and interesting and updated and a hell of a lot easier if you wanted to peruse previous posts

instead of dedicating it solely to my music (it wouldn't be updated very often if it was) i decided to use the blog as my own kind of filter, so that i could pass on the details of anything that had informed or entertained me, and that i thought may be of interest to the people that i know and to the people that i don't know that may just happen to find their way here

since then i have continued to post up music as and when i make it, brought you other people's music that i have taken a particular interest in and given you all manner of other random bits and bobs that i have appropriated from my internet trawls

and i have also put a little bit more of myself into my blog, by posting my aforementioned poetry and photography and also giving you little glimpses into the life i lead, as i know that there is a little bit of voyeur in all of us

and anyone thinking of writing their own blogs and putting themselves on display for all the other voyeurs/vultures out there should consider the extent Julie Powell goes to for her next novel, Cleaving, in which she not only takes up a job as a butcher's apprentice so she can follow up her first hit book, but also details the sordid affairs of her and her husband who had both seemed so happy when she was a bored secretary that didn't have a book deal or prying eyes looking into her private life

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