Wednesday, 9 September 2009

a spark

yesterday was an eye opener, a mini-revalation and a reminder of the potential available to me.

i wish i had more time and more dedication to grasp hold of that spark and harness it and make a blaze that can be seen from space on google maps or something!

it was great to actually talk to someone with an idea of where i'm coming from and where i would like to go, instead of flicking through pages of jargon to actualy see something unfold infront of me was an inspiration and a kick up the arse

i'm currently making music using Acid and have been trying to break free from being solely bound to layering up pre-made samples (something evident on the most recent SoundArt tracks), it has served me well and been a means to an end but i have recently tried stretching myself to explore and experiment further and talking to somebody else about software and virtual instuments has refreshed my memory and allowed me to take a look into afew of the areas i had previously been overlooking

this may not exactly be the dawn of a bright new future but it is something else for me to get stuck into as i try to expand the aural world of Hunchbakk...

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