Sunday, 20 September 2009

game on

i'm not sure i entirely get the idea of a DJ Hero game, a controller in the shape of a deck seems bizarre and i wasn't realy sure what DJing and gaming could possibly share, i spose it is to DJing what Guitar Hero is to actualy playing a guitar (which is nothing at all)...

i can hardly claim to be snobbish about DJing as anyone that has witnessed a Bubblegum Stomp DJ can testify to our complete lack and disregard of actual mixing

but this trailer has got me curious, and i'm not the type to give over valuable blogging space to advertising a product but Daft Punk's involvement in the game is enough to make me wanna share this with you

and if i had the money and the free time i'd love load myself up with a PS3 and afew games and lock myself away playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, DJ Hero and invite afew friends round for a mammoth session of Beatles: Rock Band

instead i'll just have to settle for being too poor and too busy to do so

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