Friday, 25 September 2009

stray television

during a spot of very late spring cleaning, an old TV was found that had been sat around doing nothing but gathering dust

it had served its purpose, then after it's years guarantee was over it promptly started going wrong

(i do not have exact dates to substantiate this claim, but we all know that is how it goes)

and out into the front garden it went

today i called the council to arrange for it to be collected and go where all old consumables live out the rest of their days, the soonest pick up available was next tuesday

and i thought perhaps i should get afew shots of the TV sat there looking abandoned in the front garden to add to my growing collection of stray sofas and other household goods

but the TV obviously had other plans, realising it was no longer wanted it didn't choose to hang around

when i left the house it had already gone

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