Monday, 14 September 2009

99p stores

alas my cunning plan of ordering some strange USB audio device from Hong Kong didn't solve my increasingly frustrating microphone problem

ok, the ebay listing says something about it making my computer surround sound, but why does it have a microphone input on it if i can't record from it - the singstar mics when plugged into my computer's USB worked fine, i just didn't realy wanna go destroying them by trying to plug all manner of instruments through them before giving them back to my friend

but i guess when it only cost me 99p ($1 to buy it, $0.55 to ship) for the silly little thing i can't grumble about it too much, i could of course take my computer somewhere proper and have it looked at proper but i'm far too stubborn and don't realy wanna incur the cost when i'm sure its probably only something i am overlooking

the frustration continues....

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