Thursday, 21 October 2010

no me gusta!

how on earth does Enfield's defining musical moment become a rather average newspaper article??

perhaps it may have been down to the way i hacked away at my full length 'director's cut' of the feature to make it fit the restrictive word quota.

the first draft was something akin to a celabratory call to arms for all those that have been fighting hard to make Enfield's music scene what it is today, and i'll admit it was an unbearable task to strip it of so much that i had put in.

or perhaps the blame lays elsewhere.

perhaps it was the rather awful sounding headline that they tacked onto what was meant to have been a momentous occasion.

perhaps it was the fact that they decided to use the same live shot of 9BlinD that had been used just a few weeks previous, despite the fact that i had handpicked a number of photos taken by Laura Harvey on the night.

who knows, perhaps i am the one that is being a little bit precious about the whole thing.

so i can only apologise to anyone else that feels a little let down by the published article, as i hoped it would be a glorious documentation of our 'scene without a scene' and all that we managed to achieve with Bushfest, rather than a sloppy hatchet job that has had little thought or effort put into it at all.


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