Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Alright Mate!

i am so excited that i can be the one bringing this to the masses, and it was worth the wait.

for a very long time i have been a very stern supporter of Enfield's music scene, it hasn't always been perfect... far from it in fact, and it still has a long way to go if we wish to cement the current reputation we have enjoyed recently.

since the early days of Bubblegum Stomp, through to the time spent commandeering the Enfield Music myspace page and the resurgence of live music in the borough with Red Griffin Records, volunteering at a Youth Music project, landing myself the role of music journalist for The Enfield Advertiser and right up to Rock For Change's successful gigs.

i've been there, through the dips and the peaks, and Enfield's scene is on the rise once again.

and as this is a music blog, run by an Enfield boy, i sometimes feel the need to give the tracks featured a slight Enfield skew and hope that the music being made in my home town can reach just as far as any other track by any other artist, regardless of geography and the constraints of a small town mentality

not long ago i featured a track by 9BlinD, followed swiftly by System of a Down, and in keeping in the same vein i now bring you an exclusive download from local boys, Deeds of the Dying.

Deeds of the Dying by Laura Harvey

those from Enfield already know of Deeds of the Dying, those from further afield may not... but i shall save all the spiel for an upcoming Advertiser article, for now i shall let you revel in the first track they have unleashed upon the world.

Alright Mate! was posted on Deeds' myspace page last week as a taster for their debut EP, it clocked up 150 plays within the first few hours and the band delivered on their promise of uploading a new track when it had reached 300 plays.  The teasing of the EP continued with Cannibilistic Virtues being the second song unveiled by the band while their fans wait eagerly to get their hands on the full EP...

but right now they have agreed to allow me a great privilege, and  i am proud to offer my readers the first ever download of Deeds of the Dying ahead of their full debut EP release

Deeds of the Dying - Alright Mate!

credit where it's due:

mp3 download agreed by Deeds of the Dying
photo by Laura Harvey

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