Monday, 18 October 2010


things haven't quite gone to plan around here, i thought i would have something to bring you that i don't actually have yet, and i decided to hold off knocking out a post yesterday, and i was considering reminiscing on my tokyo adventure (since it is a year ago today that i was on a flight back, still rather intoxicated and in trouble with my girlfriend after bursting into song while waiting to check in), i also want to keep on upping my game as a music blogger, as well as bringing you more poetry, photography, stray sofas and all the other stuff that makes this blog the unique blog that it is.

all this shall happen, stick with me....

but for now, a blacksploitation style trailer taking a look at star wars' smooth brother, Lando Calrisian and the geek fantasy of femtroopers, for those that are soooo over slave leia and don't mind getting down with the Empire

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