Sunday, 24 October 2010

if you love me, let me go....

i think i'm over my little whinge, glad to have got it of off my chest, but the reaction to the article so far has been positive from everyone but myself

i can be quite critical of my own work, and when writing reviews i don't feel that i am just representing myself, i am also representing those being reviewed and those that have witnesses the same gigs that i have.... i feel it is my duty to best document a moment in time and relay my views to readers, whether they were there or not... it needs to stand up to both

it gets to me slightly that i don't have the creative control i wish i had for the Enfield Advertiser articles, but i guess that is what an editor is there for, whether i feel he has made the right decisions for my pieces or not

lets move along shall we?

i was tempted to squeeze everything i wanted to say into one post, but i've changed my mind and will instead tease things out (and hopefully keep finding the time to blog)

the intention is to keep bringing music to your attention , and plough through a few artists and thoughts that have been needing a release

so let's shift todays focus

shift it back to my time spent in tokyo last year

most people experience their holiday blues within a few weeks of returning but mine seem to have had a second wind, and recently all i can think about is how the slightly muggy and warm air of october in tokyo seemed to have it's own distinct smell and weight to it, that made it feel completely foreign and comforting at the same time.

it was possibly the hardest working holiday i have ever had, despite trying to get to grips with a few japanese basics before leaving, the language barrier was enormous and occasionally overwhelming, particularly when trying to ascertain whether my vegetarian girlfriend would be able to eat anything

i miss all the experiences of the trip tho, it was an adventure and i'm glad that i found time to post a few short blogs about it, because reading them back has reminded me of some things that i had already forgotten

so maybe check them out for yourselves...

tokyo: the GodBox has landed
tokyo: the update
tokyo: a few of my favourite things
and my personal favourite
tokyo: hey hey, you you

now, i don't know if my reminiscing is because it has been a year since or because the time spent in tokyo was the last real holiday i took (although the glasto sunshine could almost count) and was our last big blow-out, knowing that a lot of money would be sunk into buying a house and that we wouldn't be going overseas this year but my nostalgia feels even more powerful, being compounded by it's own theme song

yep, i haven't been able to get the latest single from The Wombats out of my head at all and have found myself singing it virtually all of the time and thinking back to 500 yen JD and cokes in a pokey basement bar in Rophonghi......

The Wombats - Tokyo (Vampire & Wolves) stream only

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