Thursday, 28 October 2010

jai ho!

while this blog may spend a lot of time featuring a whole bundle of music, i am also something of a pop-culture sponge, soaking up as much useless info and and cultural reference points as my porous brain can possibly handle

although i'm not the greatest fan of over indulging on too much television, i have given a number of (sometimes geeky) observations over the course of my blogging career, but my love of movies is something else entirely.

being a subscriber of a rather handy unlimited card for my local cinema, i tend to see quite a few films, and the unlimited card provides a sort of safety net, fully knowing that i can take a chance on a possibly risky film and being aware that i have not paid, primarily and solely, for a film as entertaining as a steaming pile of horse shit.

one such risk that paid dividends was watching the recent Tamil movie, Endhiran - The Robot, an absolutely crazy Bollywood flavoured romp that could never quite decide what type of film it actually wanted to be.

now, i have been known to occasionaly give a number of (mostly geeky) observations on films over the course of my blogging career, but i decided to offer up my writing this time to the quite spiffing music and movie blog, Faded Glamour, that i have followed for longer than i have blogged myself, and that has recently had a resurgence of activity following occasional fallow spells.

so be sure to catch my review of Endhiran - The Robot, over at Faded Glamour, and if possible try and catch the film before it has completely disapeared from the few cinemas that chose to show it.

and in keeping with my efforts to make my blog a music blog to be reckoned with, i thought it may also be a good idea to treat you to a cut from the soundtrack that is one of the bizarre and beguiling faccets of the film, in particular, the track that i described as:

'appropriating Black Eyed Peas' 'Boom Boom Pow' and the Western love of autotune, while also seeing the film's gorgeous female lead, Aishwarya Rai, seemingly morphing into Fergie.'

Endhiran (The Robot) - Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam

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