Tuesday, 12 October 2010

rollover DJ

the fact that i haven't recently found the propensity for proper blogging means that i shall probably afford myself one my post for revelling in the glory of Bushfest, even as the embers of the event are already burning themselves out in people's memories i find myself trying desperately trying to cling to that sense of abundant euthoria at what we had achieved.

on the drive home and the whole next day i was completely buzzing from the whole thing, despite still being in recovery from friday night, a severe lack of sleep and not having had a drop of alcohol throughout the entirety of Bushfest.  it felt like an energy built up inside of me, a huge sense of pride and a sense of possibility.

because if Bushfest could prove to be such an unmitigated success, then perhaps we are now capable of anything...

i guess as reality kicks back in for everyone we shall see how the passing of time effects the Enfield scene and if the momentum gained by Bushfest can be capitalised and built upon...

but one thing i have barely had the chance to touch upon, as i hadn't wanted to take anything away from the bands, is Bubblegum Stomp's triumphant DJ set which even surprised me....

not that i didn't think we could rise to the challenge, i was just surprised that having spent a day collating new material, heavy hitting tunes, big bangers and a handful of the hottest dubstep tunes around and burning an mp3 disc, i only actually knocked out one new choon the whole night, dispensing with a Nicki Minaj track early on.

i was flying solo early in the evening and enjoyed getting stuck in and exploring my own CDs, which have been consistently added to since Bubblegum Stomps good ol' days at Rattlers and Club 19, not once in the whole time we have been doing this do i think i have ever dropped B2K's 'Bump Bump Bump' and it was a great chance to create a party vibe and cut loose my own tastes without flexing my eclectic taste in new music and fashionable dollops of filthy electro and wobbly bassline.

and when i was joined by my fellow Stompers, the good times continued, indulging our own personal preferences and digging in the crates a little, all to tremendous effect and my own utter glee.

it perhaps all went to my head when i got a little giddy and decided to take the risk of following a band's live set by throwing down Hanson's 'Mmmmmmbop' and when the pop-shit didn't hit the fan and clear the floor we kept running with it, following with Britney's 'Womanizer'.

we've been out of the game for a hot minute so i guess for many people, Bushfest was also an introduction to Bubblegum Stomp, and i think it showed exactly who we are, hitting the floor with classic Foals and Bloc Party, Basement Jaxx and Major Lazer, a dash of Wiley and Afrikan Boi, and killing it with Will Smith, Foo Fighters, Simian and  System of a Down.

i hope we don't outstay our welcome, but i can't wait to do it all over again!

System of a Down - Chop Suey

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