Thursday, 13 August 2009

crystal clear

so who would have thought that Crystal Castles' influence would be so far (and commercially) reaching...

ok, so perhaps Shakira hasn't been inviting Beyonce round to her house so they could talk about boys, watch Pretty Woman and devise their own routines to Crystal Castles' songs as they dance around her bedroom with the album on repeat

but it's a possibility is all i'm saying

and i say this because after hearing Shakira's new track a few times as it picks up a bit of radio play i realised that perhaps the reason for my strange endearment to it was the fact that it reminded me of Crimewave, admittedly a Crimewave that scrubs up well and has cleaned under it's fingernails and quit smoking and hanging around in squats

ok, that was Crimewave, now feast your eyes (and ears, obviously) on She Wolf, featuring Shakira Shakira dancing like a mad woman in what could possibly be the inside of a major artery, doing a, erm, 'sexy' dance in a cage and rounding the whole thing off by dancing like a loon on the roof of a building...

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