Monday, 24 August 2009

slammin' vinyl

as youngsters' brains are being re-wired into a number of different offshoot genres as they try and find their own identity (or copy the coolest person they know's identity) it becomes increasingly difficult for your average DJ to keep everybody happy

so i'll just stick to my guns and stick to not being an average DJ and keep using the saying 'you can't please all of the people all of the time...' as my own personal mantra

a re-tooled Bubblegum Stomp tackled an 18th birthday party as all of our DJs slide further and further from ever being 18 and find ourselves faced with stupid questions and stupid songs

malia party boys couldn't understand how a DJ could still use CDs (these play mp3, mutha'ucka!?!) swamped the dancefloor when we played a track from their CD (car beats 5, mutha'ucka!!) and then stayed on the dance floor when we followed 'Riverside' with 'YMCA' (homoeroticism, mutha'ucka!!!)

but we are Bubblegum Stomp and we do what we like and we will pull out the stops to get you dancing and we will be confused if we are accused of not having any new music when at the same time you know nothing of Toddla T's existence

but we'll play the classics, we'll play the new stuff and we'll play requests (if we've got them) and we'll enjoy ourselves and we'll remain infinitely cheaper and infinitely better than your standard 'rent-a-mobile-disc-jockey'....

and we even helped sweep up afterwards

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