Sunday, 2 August 2009

art: a slideshow

there isn't much to say now that hasn't already been said, today is the last day of the three day Form Fest at Bar Form, and those arriving from 6 will be able to view the sculptures created by my brother and a small display of my own photography, as i mentioned in yesterdays post

i'm hoping that is all the reminder anyone will need so i'll leave you with a slideshow that takes a little look inside the creative process my brother undertook as he began work on some new sculptures especially for Form Fest

and just like normal publications and newspapers, i need to print a retraction and apologise for my little moan about The Enfield Advertiser the other day...

for even tho it was the Advertiser that rang me in order to contact Ian, and it was the Advertiser that sent a photographer round, the article was actually printed in the Advertiser's sister paper, this week's Enfield Gazette!!!

a rather well informed and informative article! we got there eventually, eh?

click on the article itself for a larger view, and the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that one of the sculptures pictured with my brother in the article is the same one started in the above slideshow, it all ties together neatly in the end!

and to see the conclusion of all this hard work, displays of both my brother's scultures and my own photography can be viewed from 6ish til 8ish tonight at Bar Form, Enfield Town

so one last time, for luck, here's that familiar flyer

(click the flyer for a larger view)

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