Wednesday, 29 July 2009

i read the news today, oh boy...

and was all that hard work really worth it?

today my brother's face and sculptures were gonna be featured in The Enfield Advertiser as a prelude to his exhibition at Bar Form on Sunday, so i thought i'd rush out and buy one so i could get the feature scanned in and uploaded without having to wait for the paper to be delivered

except the newsagent didn't have it yet either, so i thought, 'sod that feeling of pride when you open a newspaper and see a family member (as long as it's good news), we are living in the future now, i'm gonna get online and read the digital copy'

so i flicked through the digital pages, and i kept flicking, and i even kept flicking when i got to the houses and cars and classifieds and the sport incase it had been misplaced by the editor, and then i went back and flicked through again incase i'd missed it

and i can't see it anywhere

such a shame after i spent the time writing an informative press release complete with examples of Ian's work, and that they rung to speak to him about his influences and even sent a photographer round to get some pictures for the feature.

such a shame they chose to overlook a local artist displaying his works in Enfield Town and spread the word a little in order to support someone putting their heart into what they want to do instead of jus being chewed up by the rat-race

instead you can look at some old people painting and read about an exhibition already in its 61st year that by the looks of the article sounds rather well attended anyway

well done Enfield Advertiser for supporting new talent!!

by way of consolation tho, u can order the pics from the shoot on a get well soon card

if YOU want to support new talent you can come along to the exhibition at Bar Form this Sunday where a number of sculptures will be on display from 6pm, entrance is £2 but that will get you in for a whole evening of entertainment including a music quiz and bands playing live

(click the flyer for a larger view)

and don't forget Bubblegum Stomp will be DJing as part of Saturday nights FREE line-up

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