Saturday, 25 July 2009

can't it just go right?

bakk to business

making some noise for SoundArt6 except i can't hear the sound

plug the headphones into the kaoss pad to make sure, and yep, got sound coming out of there

maybe try recording it?

ok, so it records the noise i'm making, and i can hear it through my headphones plugged directly into my kaoss pad, but i can't actually monitor the sound in the usual fashion

probably a pretty simple solution to the problem, but i can't see what the fault is

sometimes i just wish i knew a little bit more, that i could be a bit more technical in what i'm trying to achieve instead of just bumbling my way through and hoping for the best

sometimes it would just be nice if everything went right and worked all at the same time

(let go of the frustration now)

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