Saturday, 4 July 2009

Rest In Peace

this is a slightly late and slightly wayward tribute to Michael Jackson

Its not like i've been deeply affected, but i am saddened by his death

i found out he had died while at Glastonbury, which was a strange experience, a mixture of word of mouth and over-subscribed mobile networks had a bizarre filtering effect on the news and what many took as festival rumour was soon distorted, embellished and ridiculed... but when the persistent rumour refused to go away and texts from the outside world said the same, you had to accept that news of Michael Jackson's death could be true

i'm an eighties baby and have strong memories of Michael Jackson and his music, like watching the video for Black and White for the first time, trying to moonwalk like everybody else, impersonating Jacko's trademark moves and yelps and being round my cousin's listening to HiStory over and over again, and these are just the first thoughts that come to mind

and i think Michael Jackson is set to become the Elvis of our generation, his contribution to the world of entertainment and his musical legacy will long live on and eclipse the darker times of his life and lower points of his career

out of respect i've tried to curb my morbid curiosity and avoid the media circus that still surrounds Wacko Jacko in death

and of course, we all know that death is the best career move


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