Friday, 10 July 2009

no-one and everyone

so i may be coming to terms with the inevitability that sooner or later i shall be a part of the stupidly massive and stupidly stupid facebook network, but even tho it may be perfectly suited to my dis-jointed and distracted way of thinking i have no intention of signing up to twitter (now lets see how long until i retract these sentiments too)

from an outsiders point of view, this video is completely spot on and only enforces every argument i have against 'tweeting'

but if you've already fallen foul of twitter, then maybe take a look at my little brother's tweets and consider following him if you realy have got nothing better to do with your life, tho i am thinking that he is only using it as another promotional tool to ply his artistic wares and that all the tweeting about tea drinking is ironic (hopefully)

and i know dyslexia is a sensitive subject and shouldn't be mocked, but i'm sure even my brother would find it slightly amusing when in an attempt to plug his t-shirts on spreadshirt he instead tweeted that he was 'creating products for his spreadshite shop'

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