Tuesday, 21 July 2009

stomp 2.0

ok, nothing has realy changed that much.

but Bubblegum Stomp is slightly evolving

DJing duties over the past few years has allowed us to invest and upgrade some of our equipment a little bit, obviously we all still have great taste in music and are passionate about the music we play so nothing has changed there

chances to get out and thrust this music in your face have been a bit thin on the ground recently, but hopefully now we're fully equipped again we can take our new toys out on the road for some dancing, merriment and frolicking...

c'mon people, good quality DJs going cheap... don't make us make our own fun?!

and perhaps it's also time for a Hunchbakk update, after returning from Glasto my computer (and the brain centre for any of my musical outpourings) was out of action and still in intensive care, thankfully it pulled through alright but i just haven't found the time and the focus recently to knuckle down and devote myself to making (or even finishing) new music.

bear with me people, there will be light at the end of the tunnel, i just need to return to the right mindframe and give it my all again

that slight break means that SoundArt is running behind schedule, but ideas are firmly in place for those still outstanding, and with any luck a fully functioning computer should enable me to stretch myself a little further and attempt some of the half-baked plotting that had been clogging my head while my computer was suffering with lurgies and making creativity a little difficult

keep checking back, i owe you some music!!

and may i also remind you that Bubblegum Stomp shall be hitting the decks at the newest night in town, Sel-Out! which launches this thursday (23rd July)

admittedly we'll be using the house decks and not our brand spanking new ones but we'll still give you that same quality stomp that you know and love and want to fondle...

flyers... woooooh!

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