Sunday, 5 July 2009

Do I Know You??

or more importantly, do you know them?

these two pictures are taken from a memory card found at Glastonbury festival last week, i was gonna be a good citizen and hand it in but i thought that if the person who lost it hadn't realised or didn't think to reclaim it it could be stuck in a deep dank lost property bin for eternity.

i thought that it would be more interesting to load them up to the internet, to my blog and to orphan photos where the photos can remain forever and stand more chance of being reunited with their owner.

i expected plenty of crazy Glastonbury pics to be on there, fond memories that would be sorely missed, instead there were only two pics of a couple of geezers (no offence).

but either way, if you recognise them, or you are one of them, get in touch with a comment or message me through myspace and i shall return the memory card

the only other image that looked like it had been saved to the card was of two kids, again, if you recognise em, get in touch

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