Tuesday, 7 July 2009

the battlelines have been drawn

i made a stand a long time ago, while everyone else was defecting to facebook i chose to stick with myspace, and tho i still stand by my reasoning that myspace is better for music and bands it seems to be a slightly empty argument when myspace has practically become a barren wasteland and i'd have more chance of staying in touch with the people i know if i actually wrote letters to them

and although i am now actually slightly swayed by the idea i still have my reservations about it, for a start, no matter how much of myself i choose to put on display, i am still an intensely private person (the reason why my blogs don't reveal every detail of my life)

i have no interest in people that i barely spoke to at school being constantly updated of when i 've done something as insignificant as breaking a high-score in a brain numbing game or as significant as entering/exiting a relationship

i have no intention of updating my status constantly

will facebook last? how do i know i won't have to jumpship as soon as i'm signed up, because there is another faddish more popular site that everyone i know has moved onto (and the longer i leave it, the more i run the risk)

and i quite like being hidden behind the Hunchbakk persona, there is no great secret of who i realy am among friends, i just like remaining masked, almost as if it allows me to be who i choose to be and sometimes be who i am not

and lets face it, facebook is a bit ugly

but y'know what, maybe i'm being a bit like those protesters that turn up with placards to voice their negative opinions against a film they haven't even seen, i can't really judge it til i've given it a go, so maybe

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