Sunday, 12 July 2009

rock balancing

i like Dave Gorman for a number of reasons, initialy for his debut TV series, and then his book inspired by that TV series, and more recently for his skills and passion as an amatuer photographer

i've been meaning to post some examples of his work for ages, but trying to choose the right examples to use was a challenge in itself, as he seems to have a number of recurrent themes that run through his works

much like my own photography (tho admittedly my rank of amatuer of some way below Dave's) he appears to look for the smaller details that may be overlooked, has a habit of documenting graffiti and has his own passion for serialising the obscure, such as balancing rocks and this world's unseen faces, in the same way i am tracking down stray sofas.

i thought i'd leave the rest for you to discover, but would showcase a couple of Dave Gorman's three part polaroid portraits, which convey the kind of warmth that only a polaroid can and also distorts perspective to unique effect (which had inspired me to attempt something similar)

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