Saturday, 18 July 2009



comics can be such a devastating force

they are unique and under appreciated as a medium, but those that have become trapped will know exactly what i mean.

they appear simplistic yet can be bewilderingly complex and an overpowering form of escapism

the problem lies in the fact that so little is ever contained in a single story, and stories can soon stretch to include other characters, whose lives are in turn intertwined with other characters, add to this the fact that to keep everyone on their toes and keep the coffers full, events in a fictional universe can (and undoubtedly will, every summer) spiral out of control to encompass practically every and any superheroes still standing, thus rotting your brain, feeding on your wages and keeping you from wanting to venture anywhere near the real world

and i'm realy feeling the pressure right now

as mentioned before, i dipped out of reading comics for a long time, but was lured back recently by the odd title, every now and then i'd put a little money towards a reasonably priced graphic novel from amazon and dedicate a small portion of my time to geeking out

and i know i'm way behind the times, but i recently read Identity Crisis, and i found myself craving what's next, only to be confronted by a number of preludes and countdowns and companions that tie-in to the follow up Infinite Crisis, and dreading looking further beyond that at the cost of indulging myself in One Year Later, 52, Final Crisis and all of that's accompanying preludes, countdowns, companions, tie-ins and spin-offs that i will undoubtedly be suckered into wanting to read

ok, that little rant may not make sense to everybody

but trust me, geeking ain't easy

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