Monday, 27 July 2009


i've gotta feeling that this weeks blogging is gonna be rather heavy on Bar Form references as possibly the only place worth going in Enfield gets even more interesting with the launch of the first ever Form Fest this friday

but before we start looking forward, lets have a little recap of last week shall we?

if you want photos of the bands performing you can get your fix over at, i was also armed with my camera, but only came away from the evening with three photos (of which i only took 2)

so i thought i might aswell upload them and give you a slightly different perspective of Sel-Out!

and true to my word, there shall be more shenanigans at Bar Form which i shall now shamelessly plug and i promise you won't have heard the last of

so maybe i'll keep it brief for now and bombard you all again later, but here's the basics:

a three day festival of music, art, fashion and entertainment
running from friday 31st til sunday 2nd

you can catch Bubblegum Stomp on the decks on saturday and my little brother shall be displaying his sculpture and artwork as a part of sundays programme

the rest of the info you'll need is on this flyer!

(click the flyer for a larger view)

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