Friday, 24 July 2009

jigga what?

quick, change the subject

cos no-one wants to click onto a website and only have an out of date plug for an event that has been and gone

maybe i should have scheduled a post go up up early this morning but i didn't have the time and wasn't realy sure what to post up anyway

so as i was racking my brains i remembered that my original intention after coming back from this years Glastonbury was to do a Glasto themed week

so i thought i'd hark back to that and feature the video that introduced Jay-Z to the pyramid stage in 2008 that BBC viewers would not have seen, it's more like a barrage of clips than a montage and played on the 'controversy' of Jay-Z as a mainstage headliner, tho i do think the video was slightly underhand in implying that a difference of opinion was verging on being a race war

well done to DJ Yoda too, who was doing his bit for the environment, by recycling the above video and using it as his own intro for his audio/visual mash-up set in the dance village this year, simply inserting his own moniker to replace all mention of Jay-Z in his usual cut and paste fashion

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