Monday, 6 July 2009

this is a low?

can i possibly be the only person that isn't showering the Blur reunion shows with heaps of praise?!

please don't get me wrong, it wasn't like i didn't enjoy being there, but it just didn't quite ring true with me.

the build-up and the day itself were great, back when the tickets went onsale in december when the news of their reunion broke, i knew i had to be there and reports of their immeasurable power all the way from smaller intimate shows, right the way through to their Glastonbury headline slot had fuelled me up for the kinda show that is gonna live in your heart forever...

and spending a sunny summer day in a London park drinking cider, eating ice cream, applying sunblock and enjoying Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Golden Silvers, Crystal Castles and Foals seemed like it was heading to its perfect conclusion by the time Blur hit the stage at quarter past eight on a fine thursday evening

perhaps i was expecting too much, actualy, i'm quite certain i was expecting too much.

and although i was thrilled by the brit-pop era singalongs and enjoyed the song 2 jumpalong, i questioned if i was the Blur fan i thought i was or if i had got a bit caught up in the nostalgia (that damn, nostalgia) and the NME crafted hysteria.

so, crushed beneath the weight of expectation, Blur knocked out the cheeky chappy mockney singalongs, played album tracks i wasn't familiar with, released a second greatest hits (sorry, beginners guide), missed out Charmless Man and Stereotypes and played a couple of songs currently greasing the wheels of commerce and soundtracking adverts, including my personal favourite, and set closer, The Universal (or, that song from the gas advert)

besides, i was always more of an Oasis fan

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