Friday, 7 August 2009


how difficult could it possibly be, i mean seriously, we all know how to work a toaster, right?

which also makes me wonder if the oh-so obvious warnings that are provided in this law-suit crazy age that we live in are actually the result of somebody stupid enough to have done the things we are warned against and the risk that it could happen again.

here are a sample of a tesco's toaster user guide:

- before using your toaster please read all the instructions in this user guide with particular reference to the safety notices

(ooops, didn't do that, i thought i had it sussed but perhaps i should double check)

- disconnect the appliance at the mains supply when filling or emptying the toaster

(ooops, here's one i've been getting wrong my whole life)

- do not immerse the appliance, connecting cord or plug in water or liquids

(ok, a kinda obvious one here, but some people are stupid, best to warn them just in case)

- This appliance is for domestic indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors

(look people, if it's nice out just have a BBQ instead of inviting all your friends round for toast in the garden)

- do not place this appliance on or near a hot gas or or electric burner,

(erm, why would you? but wait, there's more...)

or in a heated oven

(for chrissakes, who puts a toaster in a heated oven?? why did you even buy a toaster, what do you think you actually do with it? in the oven?? seriously?!)

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