Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sound Art Experiment Number 6

A number have things have crept up and kept the sixth installment of the SoundArt project away from you, i have been dealing with (among other things) being computerless, faltering mic inputs and most recently a lack of internet that stopped me from getting things updated around here properly

but now this is it.....

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perhaps the first impression is that the Sound bears little in common with the Art that inspires it, and truth be told it was a tough one to translate and transform into music.

but the more i thought about it, the more i felt that the art was giving me a free reign over what i was to produce, and even deeper thinking resulted in coincidences and echoes that reverberated through my intentions as i began to join the dots that perhaps only i can see....

SoundArt6 in one form is a homage to the work of Danny Boyle and Alex Garland, from another perspective it is influenced by the myth of Icarus, it was also an attempt to free myself from the use of readymade loops and samples, i saw this artwork as an invitation to 'dust off my wings' and use some equipment that had been sat around for a while and use an idea that had also been gathering dust, and no matter what angle i looked at it from it all began to bring itself together

the end result was meant to be my magnum opus, but perhaps it was let down a little by my skills as a musician which still leave much to be desired, but it is still something i am proud of, and i intend to live my life as a revisionist, and hope to one day have the time and ability to improve upon my flaws


and, of course, every intention was in place to get this SoundArt project back on track, only now i find myself with a computer that doesn't record, which may limit my options and stunt my creativity.....

so don't hold your breath

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