Saturday, 1 August 2009

everything is borrowed

and since i've dedicated a fair share of this week's posts to banging on about Form Fest at Bar Form i think it's only fair that i allow myself a little time to indulge in self-promotion

at last weeks Sel-Out! when me and my brother were discussing the art exhibition due to take place there was mention that apparently not many artists and fashion types had actually put themselves forward, i don't tend to shout about what i do very often but it started playing on my mind that perhaps i should include some of my photography in order to bulk out the so-called art and fashion shows that so far only had one artist

so i put forward my intentions last friday, got the nod last sunday and then found myself volunteered to exhibit and only having a week to get anything together!

luckily, my life quite often seems to just fall into place and even with such short notice i have managed to pull together pretty much everything needed to put on a competent display of my work that was actually so much better than i imagined it could have been

this post includes afew of the photos that didn't make it into my final choices, i thought i'd put them up as a little taster of what to expect

the exhibition runs from 6 (ish) til 8 (ish) tomorrow at Bar Form, Enfield Town
costing just £2 entry which but will get you in for a whole evening of entertainment including a music quiz and bands playing live

and i'm actually gonna be there tonight in a musical capacity, DJing with the Bubblegum Stomp crew from 10pm

full details of everything goin on can be found here, in a post nabbed from facebook

(click the flyer for a larger view)

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