Saturday, 15 August 2009

if god will send his angels


who would have thought you could buy a standing ticket to see U2 a at Wembley Stadium a day before the gig?

what's gone wrong with touts these days??

i couldn't get my hands on these tickets when they went on sale because of the demand!!

i've always thought that the spectacle of seeing U2 live was something i'd love to experience, they have such an impressive back catalogue to draw upon and are renowned for their extravagent touring set-up, but maybe the chance had passed me by this time... until i realised i might be able to take advantage of that villianous corporate sponsorship deal

a friend of the brother of my girlfriend works for blackberry, so i suggested to her a little bit of cheeky begging on our behalf, while all his other friends are asking for blackberrys from him, we'd ask for some U2 tickets

he tried, with no luck, and i thought it was worth a try, it just wasn't meant to be this time

and two days ago my girlfriend rings me up with 'good news and bad news'

the good news...

he'd manage to blag tickets to U2 for saturday

the bad news...

i couldn't go

her brother had claimed one of the tickets and she was gonna go with him

what a kick to the teeth, a bad mood commenced, i felt empty inside and tears were almost shed - who knew i'd feel this way about missing out on seeing a band! - actually it was a double blow, as we were planning to go see Dan Black in Camden on saturday, so not only would i be missing out on Dan Black (again - long story), i'd also be missing out on U2 AND would be sat at home on a saturday night on my own feeling sorry for myself

some things, like seeing Dan Black, watching U2 or relying on a 217 just aren't meant to be...

i knew this wasn't my girlfriends fault (tho i may hold her accountable for the 217s) and i wouldn't deny her the chance to see U2 for free and after much huffing and puffing and moping and bus missing we took a look for tickets online, only to find that standing tickets were still available

the long version of this story also involves trying to find out whether the complimentary tickets were standing or seating, whether the tickets were in hand, issues with both ticketmaster and livenation and a frustrating mission to top up an oyster card

thankfully the short version doesn't, and this is the abridged version that you are reading right now

but both versions have the same ending, i bought my ticket of ticketmaster yesterday morning and have been charged nearly four pounds for the priveledge of collecting it myself from the box office (on top of the £6 booking fee, obviously)

and tonight, i get to see U2!
and won't be going anywhere near a 217

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